Wild Garlic in the hedgerows of Shropshire



The lanes around my Shropshire home have a profusion of wild garlic which flowers in May. The leaves makes a wonderful addition to salads or in cooking. Do not dig up the bulbs but picking the leaves and flowers is perfectly acceptable. This photograph shows a whole bank of wild garlic growing below an old stone wall close to the house in May 2015.


John Dory – sometimes known as St Peter’s Fish


IMG_2734 ps

A wonderful ‘eating fish’ – Eileen is displaying this one which we bought yesterday from Fish-in-a-Box at Newport, Shropshire (highly recommended supplier of the freshest wet fish). It is easy to fillet – no fiddly ‘pin-boning’ necessary – although you need to be careful to avoid the spines. Eaten tonight – it was as it always is delicious clean and firm flakes. The fish yielded four fillets two of which went into the quick freezer for another day.

January Frost in Shropshire



A cobweb on the gate across the lane from our Shropshire home – frozen for a moment in time but no sign of the Spider which wove it. Transient beauty but perhaps that is an oxymoron for isn’t all true beauty transient? Photographed on the morning of the 20th January 2016.

A wonderful winter’s day in Shropshire



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph on the 10th January 2015 from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home. It is a most beautiful landscape and we are privileged to live in the midst of it. On the horizon in the distance can be seen The Brown Clee hill. Even though it is almost midday the sun is low in the sky casting long shadows across the meadows and the trees stand out in silhouetted leafless form.

A Shropshire Garden – The Dower House garden at Morville Hall


2015_0705reading0014Beautiful translucent blue photographed during last summer at the wonderful gardens created by Dr Katherine Swift at the Dower House of Morville Hall in Shropshire. The gardens are splendid and well worth a visit in the Spring, summer and autumn – not only do you get the gardens but delicious cream teas made by Katherine and her helpers.