Hake Fillets served with peas and lettuce and a few crushed potatoes – cooked by Anthony Sargeant


IMG_2853 crop smoked hake

Anthony Sargeant cooked this as described in the previous post. Served very simply with peas and lettuce and a few new potatoes.

Extract from previous post:  [Tony Sargeant uses a small barbecue to cook/smoke Hake fillets. A tray made of cooking foil is buttered and placed on the barbecue the fillets added and apple wood chips added to the charcoal. (Apple wood gives a delicate flavour when used to smoke fish in this way – hickory and other woods are in Tony’s experience too strong in flavour). The fish is then given an initial smoking with the lid on then cider was added to the foil tray as seen here and cooking continued for a further 10 minutes or so with the lid on the barbecue – occasionally ladling cider over the fillets. (the test for cooking is one of finger prodding – the hake firms up as it cooks and it is ready when pressing down with a finger just starts to separate the fillet into flakes. The sauce can then be made with the reserved cider juices plus a little double cream and a squeeze of lemon juice. Absolutely delicious.]



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