Hake fillets cooked by smoking with apple chips by Anthony J Sargeant



This is a follow-up to the previous posts. Anthony Sargeant cooks and smokes these Hake fillets on a not very hot barbecue which then has apple wood chips sprinkled on it for the smoking. This half eaten fillet is to show the sort of end result of the cooking as judged by ‘the finger test’ – Push gently on the fillet and take it off the barbecue at the point when the flakes just start to separate and look like this (remember it will carry on cooking for a while with the residual heat). Hake is a curious fish in that it is quite soft and somewhat ‘squidgy’ in its raw state when filleting but it firms up on cooking ( avoid over-cooking). On the plate it should retain its firm flaky texture (rather like Cod).


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