April sunshine in England


Anthony J Sargeant reflects on the state of the nation

IMG_2981 crop

In, “Home Thoughts from Abroad” Robert Browning wrote,
“Oh to be in England now that Spring is there”
When you see the English Countryside in Spring as I can see it from my Shropshire home you can understand the yearning – but I am incredibly privileged and perhaps lucky to be able to live, albeit in a modest house, where I do in retirement. Very many people in our country are not so lucky and exist on minimal or zero hours contracts (all of whom count as being “employed” by this Tory government), and queue at food-banks, and watch as social services, libraries, museums and the NHS are inexorably eviscerated by the policies generated by a cabinet packed with millionaires presided over by David Cameron – who likes to pretend “We are all in it together” and “The NHS is safe with us”.

But above is the view from my bedroom window on a sunny Spring day


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