Antique South Caucases Rug with ‘Chi Chi’ border – Collection of Anthony J Sargeant



This is a very attractive 19th Century rug bought by Anthony J Sargeant in The Netherlands during the early 1990s. It has the classic ‘Chi Chi’ main border. It is a delightful small piece.


Art Pottery Vase by Roger Guerin in the collection of Anthony J Sargeant


Roger Guerin, Bouffioulx, Belgium - Height 15 cm

Bought many years ago and at the time unidentified but bought because it was an interesting shape and glaze. It is by a distinguished Belgian potter, Roger Guerin and probably dates to the 1920s. It is 15 cm in height. The lesson being buy with your eye – sometimes the result is interesting (and possibly profitable) – but that is not the point. The point is …. buy what you find interesting and beautiful. It now sits on a shelf in the second bedroom of the Shropshire home of Tony Sargeant. It is an example of Guerin’s salt fired “Gres Flamme” glaze.


John Dory fillet prepared by Anthony Sargeant



See previous posts. This it the fillet removed in one piece from one side of the John Dory. It is shown on a 26 cm (10 inch) Royal Copenhagen dinner plate. There is a natural segmentation of the fillet which enables each side to be divided down the mid line for portioning.

John Dory with Fillet removed from one side



John Dory halfway through filleting by Anthony J Sargeant as mentioned in the last post. First make a cut as close to the spines as possible all the way round the fish taking care not to impale your fingers on the spines then using the flexible filleting knife take it down against the bones until reaching the back bone. Then carefully follow the curve of the backbone round and downwards until the bones underneath are found and filleting can continue using that as a guide for the knife. Thus fillets can be removed as a single pieces – one from each side. See next post.

John Dory – Anthony J Sargeant recommends this delicious fish



John Dory is a serendipitous ‘by-catch’. It is a superb eating fish. This largish example was bought by Anthony Sargeant from the Indoor Bullring Market in Birmingham, England, a couple of weeks ago. Filleting needs to be done with some care because the spines are very sharp and can cause serious injury. It may not be the most beautiful looking fish at first sight but the fillets when removed are wonderful simply pan-fried. It is sometimes know by another name, St Peter’s Fish, supposedly because the dark round marking on the skin in the middle of the body is where St Peter held the fish with his thumb. It has no scales (so not kosher?)  and there are no fiddly pin bones to remove. It is always expensive especially ones of this size because they yield thicker fillets (one from each side – see next post). The size of this fish can be judged by the 30cm ruler at the top of the image.

Unknown artist and subject – Anthony Sargeant seeks your help



This lithograph is totally unmarked. Tony Sargeant believes it must be a well know subject. His first thoughts were that it might depict Leporello from Mozart’s Don Giovanni but could find no similar images. If anybody reading this has any suggestions please send them as a comment. Many thanks.

Who might be the artist of this oil on canvas portrait of a young girl?



Anthony Sargeant would appreciate any help in identifying this unsigned oil on canvas portrait of a young girl. It has a pre-raphaelite look about it. Somebody cared enough about it to have it relined (judging by the canvas and stretcher onto which it was put the relining was done many years ago). It came with other pictures bought at auction and was unframed. As can be seen there are losses to the paint on the left hand side and top but the face is in good condition with the exception of a small loss to the lower lip. It measures 29 cm x 34 cm.