John Dory – Anthony J Sargeant recommends this delicious fish



John Dory is a serendipitous ‘by-catch’. It is a superb eating fish. This largish example was bought by Anthony Sargeant from the Indoor Bullring Market in Birmingham, England, a couple of weeks ago. Filleting needs to be done with some care because the spines are very sharp and can cause serious injury. It may not be the most beautiful looking fish at first sight but the fillets when removed are wonderful simply pan-fried. It is sometimes know by another name, St Peter’s Fish, supposedly because the dark round marking on the skin in the middle of the body is where St Peter held the fish with his thumb. It has no scales (so not kosher?)  and there are no fiddly pin bones to remove. It is always expensive especially ones of this size because they yield thicker fillets (one from each side – see next post). The size of this fish can be judged by the 30cm ruler at the top of the image.


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