Caucasian 19th Century Rug (Talish) – collection of Anthony J Sargeant



Laid out on a tarpaulin this rug is about to be washed. Bought at auction many years ago it has been rolled up awaiting washing and restoration. So a few sunny days forecast for Shropshire (UK) and so the opportunity to do a total immersion washing in a shallow bath fabricated from the tarpaulin support around the edges with wood poles – the shallow tank is shown in the following image.



Lemon Sole fillets cooked by Anthony Sargeant



The beautiful plump Lemon Sole for this dish was bought from the Indoor Bullring Market in the heart of Birmingham (UK) having been caught the day before by a Cornish day boat. Tony Sargeant then filleted it and panfried it before serving it on a bed of wilted spinach with a white fish stock based sauce and with just a little potato salad. It was absolutely delicious. Tony considers that Lemon sole is one of the very best flat fish available and it is not expensive. Highly recommended.

Antique Heriz Carpetin the Collection of Anthony J Sargeant



This antique Heriz carpet was bought at auction in The Netherlands over 20 years ago and it has remained rolled up in storage ever since. Last month during a review of stored items it was finally unrolled to allow it to be cleaned during a few hot sunny days. Here it is laid out on a tarpaulin in the garden of Tony’s Shropshire (UK) home.

British cockles- cooked on the shell



Cooked in the style of that great classic, Moules Mariniere, by Anthony Sargeant these live British cockles (on the shell) yield a wonderful juice  to form the basis for the sauce to create a pasta vongole. It is however very difficult to buy cockles on the shell in the UK despite the fact that we are surrounded by tons and tons of them. Most cockles that are harvested go to Spain and France – it seems that British simple cannot be bothered to cook them: Mad quite mad.