Sprats and tomatoes



Wonderful seasonal fish cooked last night 9th September 2016 by Anthony J Sargeant. The sprats were cleaned and heads removed before tossing in well seasoned flour. They were then pan fired in an almost dry pan with just a little rape seed oil. The tomatoes were gently heated in a frying pan with a generous helping of rape seed oil and seasoned with salt pepper and sugar – lemon juice added to the mix. Once softened and cooked through the pan was popped under a hot grill for a few minutes. A fresh green leaf side salad completed the meal.


Smoked eel, baby octopus, and cold water prawns on a bed of green leaves with sliced radish and fresh Kentish cobnuts toasted in Rape seed oil



Perhaps the plate is a bit crowded but this collation put together by Anthony J Sargeant was absolutely delicious. The Kentish cobnuts were toasted in pan with a little cold-pressed Rape seed oil and were an important part of the dish giving texture and a beautifully sweet nutty flavour to the meal. The fresh Kentish cobnut season is very short but like all seasonal food is well worth sourcing. Highly recommended.

Nunhead Cemetery in South London – A haven for wildlife


Celtic Cross in Nunhead Cemetery

Nunhead Cemetery was built by Victorian entrepreneurs to meet the need for burial space in the rapidly growing city where traditional church graveyards were already full. Anthony J Sargeant visited the Cemetery this year and was delighted to find this wonderful haven for wildlife. A vast area it was closed in the 1960s when the company went into liquidation but was brought back to life by many volunteers and is now open to the public as a beautiful green space full of flora and fauna close to the centre of London. It is well worth a visit. Allowed to be overgrown and with a view to maintaining natural habitats it reminded Tony a little of the scene in Sleeping Beauty when the Prince arrives at the forest that has grown up around the Palace. Just wonderful – if you get a chance to visit you should not miss the opportunity for a nature walk and full of interest. It is close to Nunhead Railway Station.

Chicken encroute for supper



Tony Sargeant cooked this chicken encroute for supper the other evening. It was served on a bed of the sweetest home grown tomatoes. The tomatoes were pan fried in a little Rape seed oil with a sprinkling of salt pepper sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice, then finished under a very hot grill to caramelize them slightly. The green leaves around the edge are Nasturtium as is the flower on top. The small green leaves sprinkled all over are Greek basil.