Rich blue Aubretia flowering in Shropshire



There is something very encouraging about the flowering of Aubretia – they are amongst the first of the Spring flowers. This small clump was photographed by Anthony J Sargeant in his Shropshire garden on 30th March 2017.


Spring has arrived in England and the primroses are blooming all over the garden and in the hedgerows. Anthony Sargeant, Tony, took this photograph late in the afternoon of the 30th March 2017 in the garden of his Shropshire Home.

via Primroses in Shropshire — TONY Anthony SARGEANT

On the Beach at Bracklesham Bay


Anthony Sargeant drove down to Bracklesham Bay on the English South Coast in 1963 together with Barbara Attridge to visit his friends, Steve Lee (seen here with Barbara Attridge), Mark Baxter, and Bob Tweddle, who were working in the summer vacation at Bracklesham Bay Hotel.

via Bracklesham Bay in the 1960s — Anthony J Sargeant in 1966

Squid and chips – simple but delicious



Squid is cheap and readily available. Anthony Sargeant prepared and cooked this squid for supper on Tuesday evening. It helps to turn the squid inside out before cutting the rings so that they remain open when frying also to get the batter to stick it is a good idea to first coat with rice flour before putting in the batter. Lift then out and put the battered rings onto a long skewer ready to slide them off into the hot oil.