Homemade Pizza – easy to make and delicious



Anthony J Sargeant made this pizza at home – good crisp crust and topping of own choosing – good fast ‘street’ food.


Buildwas Abbey near Ironbridge, Shopshire, England.



This photograph taken by Anthony J Sargeant in 2011 shows an archway in  the ruined 12th century Cistercian Abbey close to Ironbridge in Shropshire.

Although without a roof the basic structure of this magnificent church is intact.

The Cistercian Abbey of St Mary and St Chad was founded in 1135 by Roger de ClintonBishop of Coventry (1129–1148) as a Savignac monastery and was inhabited by a small community of monks from Furness Abbey. The stone from which it was built was quarried in the nearby settlement of Broseley.

The abbey was closed in 1536 by the order of Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.