Caucasian 19th Century Rug (Talish) – collection of Anthony J Sargeant



Laid out on a tarpaulin this rug is about to be washed. Bought at auction many years ago it has been rolled up awaiting washing and restoration. So a few sunny days forecast for Shropshire (UK) and so the opportunity to do a total immersion washing in a shallow bath fabricated from the tarpaulin support around the edges with wood poles – the shallow tank is shown in the following image.



Antique Heriz Carpetin the Collection of Anthony J Sargeant



This antique Heriz carpet was bought at auction in The Netherlands over 20 years ago and it has remained rolled up in storage ever since. Last month during a review of stored items it was finally unrolled to allow it to be cleaned during a few hot sunny days. Here it is laid out on a tarpaulin in the garden of Tony’s Shropshire (UK) home.

Who might be the artist of this oil on canvas portrait of a young girl?



Anthony Sargeant would appreciate any help in identifying this unsigned oil on canvas portrait of a young girl. It has a pre-raphaelite look about it. Somebody cared enough about it to have it relined (judging by the canvas and stretcher onto which it was put the relining was done many years ago). It came with other pictures bought at auction and was unframed. As can be seen there are losses to the paint on the left hand side and top but the face is in good condition with the exception of a small loss to the lower lip. It measures 29 cm x 34 cm.

Antique sapphire ring – collection of Eileen and Anthony Sargeant



This lovely antique ring was bought at Fellow’s Jewellery Auction by Tony. It has four light blue sapphires around a central chip cut diamond and surrounded by similar old cut diamonds. All are set silver on a gold ring and in the closed back typical of early rings –  early 19th century or possibly earlier. Just a very stylish ring with the softness that can only be achieved by old simple cuts – no ‘bling’ – just subtleness.

An Indonesian textile from the collection of Anthony J Sargeant

man's mantle from Indonesia

man’s mantle from Indonesia

These large dramatic ‘cloaks’ or ‘mantles’ were woven using a warp ikat technique on the Island of Sumba in the Indonesian archipelago. In a complicated and time consuming technique small bundles of the warp threads are tied-off to prevent their being dyed in sequential immersions in each dye bath. Wonderful stylised animal and plant images abound. Living in the Netherlands for many years Tony has a large collection of Hinggis.

Anthony Sargeant bought this curious old chinese rug in auction in The Netherlands

An old pictorial chinese rug.

An old pictorial chinese rug.

Tony Sargeant is not sure what this rug is or its date – the central panel seems to be a bridge from ‘The Willow Pattern’  Any suggestions on date or origin would be appreciated. It is in excellent condition except for one very small area of moth damage in the top medallion. The photographs below show details of the central medallion and the back with a white stencilled inventory number.

Old Chinese pictorial rug central medallion (detail)

White stencilled inventory number for Z ...(Dutch dealer?)

White stencilled inventory number for Z …(Dutch dealer?)

This is really interesting and unusual – any help in establishing date and precise origin would be greatly appreciated. The overall field is charming and the wool pile is in excellent lustrous soft condition with the exception of a very small area of moth damage to the central medallion field.