Pan-fried Fillets of Cornish Brill


pan fried fillets of cornish brill (including roe at 2 o'clock with salad and potatoes

A super large Cornish Brill was filleted and pan-fried by Anthony J Sargeant. Filleting it oneself means that if there is any roe this can be reserved and served with the fillets (the 7 shaped piece at 2 o’clock on the plate). Turbot commands a much higher price but Brill is excellent and under-rated. Here it was served with a small salad and a few crushed new potatoes. Delicious!


Mutton cooked and plated by Anthony J Sargeant


Rack of mutton de-boned after cooking and sliced - with braised lettle gem lettuce and roast potatoes

Sliced Shropshire Mutton (see previous post) from a deboned rack of mutton served with roast potatoes, braised little gem lettuce, and roast shallots. If you can find a source of good mutton it is worth cooking – a deeper and more intense flavour than the sweetness of lamb.

Rack of Mutton resting after cooking


rack of mutton resting

One rib has all ready been removed from this rack of mutton cooked by Anthony J Sargeant. The rest of the ribs will also be separated so that the piece can be easily sliced ready for plating. Mutton has a deeper flavour than lamb and is worth careful slow cooking if you can find it. It is rare to find it in supermarkets or even in most butchers. This piece was bought from the famous Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire.

See the last post – Wild Cornish Sea Bream served with Pak-Choi and crushed new potatoes


wild sea bream with pakchoi and potatoes Boxing Day 2017

Boxing Day Dinner cooked by Anthony J Sargeant – a thick fillet of wild sea bream caught just before Christmas by a Cornish Day Boat. Pan fried in butter and served with the juices of the pan deglazed with fish stock and with a small spoonful of black olive tapenade added. Pak Choi was oiled, seasoned and seared on the griddle. (Tony forgot to take the photograph until after the meal was started).

Boxing Day Dinner – Wild Sea Bream from a Cornish Day Boat


This wonderful fresh and large sea bream formed the basis of an excellent Boxing Day Dinner cooked by Anthony J Sargeant.

wild cornish sea bream 3

The size can be judged by the filleting knife at the top of the image. It provided 6 good portions once filleted. It made a light and deliciously simple meal on Boxing Day (when many were fighting their way through left-over turkey from Christmas Day Dinner. This glorious fish was bought from Barkworths Fishmongers in Shrewsbury Indoor Market – Shropshire, England – (very highly recommended fishmonger). See the next post for the plated meal.


Slices of Cold Mutton (‘left-overs’) cooked by Anthony Sargeant served with crisp English chips



Cold mutton and chips – wonderful and very traditional English food. It is important to cook the mutton slowly but when well cooked mutton has a deeper taste than lamb – not quite the simple sweetness of lamb – but it is rarely seen on supermarket shelves or even in many butchers (this mutton was bought from Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire). Tony Sargeant highly recommends it – it can be eaten hot when first cooked then the remainder can be sliced and served cold as it is here.