Fillet of Wild Sea Bass served on a bed of Peas and Lettuce with crushed potatoes


Anthony J Sargeant prepared this wonderful plump fillet from a large wild sea bass. it was pan fried then served on a bed of peas and lettuce with crushed potatoes. A very easy meal to prepare (and easy to consume!)

sea bass on a bed of peas and lettuce with crushed new potatoes


Slices of Cold Mutton (‘left-overs’) cooked by Anthony Sargeant served with crisp English chips



Cold mutton and chips – wonderful and very traditional English food. It is important to cook the mutton slowly but when well cooked mutton has a deeper taste than lamb – not quite the simple sweetness of lamb – but it is rarely seen on supermarket shelves or even in many butchers (this mutton was bought from Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire). Tony Sargeant highly recommends it – it can be eaten hot when first cooked then the remainder can be sliced and served cold as it is here.

Prawns with Courgettes served with rice and Pak Choi



Looks good – tastes wonderful. Below is the recipe for the Prawns and Courgettes. Anthony Sargeant recommends this light stir fry dish but beware of overcooking the prawns – they will turn rubbery and only need a few minutes in the pan at the very end. The Pak Choi was simply chopped across the leaves with garlic and fresh ginger added with a little soya sauce. (A small yoghurt Raita would be nice on the side)






Squid and chips – simple but delicious



Squid is cheap and readily available. Anthony Sargeant prepared and cooked this squid for supper on Tuesday evening. It helps to turn the squid inside out before cutting the rings so that they remain open when frying also to get the batter to stick it is a good idea to first coat with rice flour before putting in the batter. Lift then out and put the battered rings onto a long skewer ready to slide them off into the hot oil.

Blackberry crumble with apples and cream



Blackberry crumble with pan fried Cox apple segments caramelised with brown sugar: served for supper last week.  Anthony J Sargeant thought the combination made a delicious dessert dish with the crunch of the crumble topping balancing the softness of the apple.