Anthony Sargeant bought some books at auction and donated them to Oxfam

Boxes of books stacked in our outbuilding

Boxes of books stacked in our outbuilding

It took both of our large cars crammed full with the boxes bought at auction to get them home.

They had been entered in a general sale – and were either bought at the auction house’s minimum bid or failed to attract the minimum bid of £10 and were bought after the auction. Some lots were donated for free. Typically each lot of books had 5 or six boxes – the total cost to Tony Sargeant was about £30 (3 lots). BUT .. in each lot there were something like 30 or 40 interesting books in good condition which OXFAM can sell for say £2 each. So total income of at least £300 – add to that the 25 % ‘Gift Aid’ tax element that Oxfam gets back from the Inland Revenue on every book sold and you can see that with a cost to me of £30 – (plus it has to be said a lot of time and energy in moving the books  — and a bad back which took a week or more to recover!) OXFAM will generate something like £400 – seems like a worthwhile effort.

Oh yes and sometimes – you find an interesting book or two that you want to read yourself before passing it on to Oxfam. It is fun sorting through the boxes.