Waiting by Anthony J Sargeant


We are born

to replicate the gene

then wait to die.

So let’s be mean

and frustrate

that scheme

and end the wait

………. now.

Anthony J Sargeant – May 2015


Here is an interesting book bought by Anthony Sargeant (see the last post)

Published in 1917 by Chatto and Windus

Published in 1917 by Chatto and Windus

inscription inside the cover

As mentioned in the last post sometimes the boxes of books bought at auction contain interesting surprises. Here is one such. A slim collection of First World War poems by Gilbert Frankau (1884-1952). He went on to become a successful novelist in the inter-war years but like very many authors throughout history is little known or read today.  But the poems are good – written on the Western Front each is located to the battlefield where it was written. But what, one wonders, is the story behind the hand written inscription “Effie, with best love from Edith. Christmas 1920”.  One woman to another – women who lost loved ones and friends in the devasting conflict? Women who are facing another Christmas alone? But a strange gift because the poems, good though they are, are hardly comforting reading.