Anthony J Sargeant would like help identifying this woodcut print – Artist? Image?


HELP please –
We are looking for help from the cognoscenti of 20th Century British art – Anthony J Sargeant bought a job lot of watercolours and prints at a Shropshire UK auction the other day (20 or so … mostly rubbish ! – you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the Prince sometimes) for three charming mid 20th Century woodcuts (one by Clare Leighton – “Man Shelling Beans” with hollyhocks in background : another by Clifford Webb – from “The White Llama”  the Golden cockerel Press 1938 : and a third which looks familiar but we cannot identify it – two Amazon warriors on horseback ? see below – any suggestions please – subject ? or artist (the three woodcuts are all in identical mounts frames so it might be related – probably British 1930s). Inner dimensions of the mount are 8.5 by 10 cm so quite small.

Two amazon warriors?

Two Amazon warriors?