A young girl by Jehan Daly (1918-2001)



This delightful drawing signed and dated by the artist in 1959 is part of the collection owned by Anthony Sargeant.

Extract from The Independent obituary:-

Jehan Daly – “Jehan”, pronounced John, is medieval French in origin – was born in Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, in 1918. His father, William, was of Irish and his mother of French descent. Daly spoke good French and in his youth was fond of staying with an aunt in France.

William Daly was Principal of Kidderminster School of Art. Jehan studied with him, then from 1937 joined the Royal College of Art, where he met his lifelong friend Ward, already there for a year. Gilbert Spencer, brother of Stanley, was their painting professor, “but he had no influence on Jehan. Spencer recognised that they were both oddities, and they got on because of that.” Daly’s taste ranged from the early Italians through to the then unfashionable Edward Burne-Jones and he and Ward shared a passion for the drawings of Ingres:

After serving in the Army in WW2 Daly cobbled together a living teaching at Wimbledon and St Martin’s, selling the odd picture and illustrating for a magazine called Housewife. He was successful in mixed shows at Wildenstein’s and would be given small solo exhibitions at Agnew’s, where Evelyn Joll was an admirer.


Unknown artist and subject – Anthony Sargeant seeks your help



This lithograph is totally unmarked. Tony Sargeant believes it must be a well know subject. His first thoughts were that it might depict Leporello from Mozart’s Don Giovanni but could find no similar images. If anybody reading this has any suggestions please send them as a comment. Many thanks.

Anthony J Sargeant would like help identifying this woodcut print – Artist? Image?


HELP please –
We are looking for help from the cognoscenti of 20th Century British art – Anthony J Sargeant bought a job lot of watercolours and prints at a Shropshire UK auction the other day (20 or so … mostly rubbish ! – you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the Prince sometimes) for three charming mid 20th Century woodcuts (one by Clare Leighton – “Man Shelling Beans” with hollyhocks in background : another by Clifford Webb – from “The White Llama”  the Golden cockerel Press 1938 : and a third which looks familiar but we cannot identify it – two Amazon warriors on horseback ? see below – any suggestions please – subject ? or artist (the three woodcuts are all in identical mounts frames so it might be related – probably British 1930s). Inner dimensions of the mount are 8.5 by 10 cm so quite small.

Two amazon warriors?

Two Amazon warriors?