Supper of flaked Arbroath Smokie baked in a potato dauphinoise with courgette and pakchoi


supper of arbroath smokies potato dauphinoise with courgette and pakchoi

A delicious recipe from Rick Stein’s excellent book ‘Seafood Lovers’ Guide. For those who don’t know Arbroath Smokies are a delicacy from the East Coast of Scotland. They are small haddock which are traditionally hot-smoked in a kiln over hardwood chips – thus they are already cooked and ready to eat. In this recipe used by Anthony Sargeant the meat has been flaked from the bone and skin and incorporated in layers with potato dauphinoise to be baked in the oven. It is delicious comfort food. Here it is served with a few stir fried courgette and pakchoi pieces.


Salt Cod Gratin


Anthony Sargeant had wondered what it was like to cook a great Portuguese delicacy dry salt cod. One can understand the reasons for preserving fish in this way (the dry salted cod can be stored without a refrigerator for many months). It needs prolonged soaking and rinsing to rehydrate it before cooking. In this case […]

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Omelette Arnold Bennett – piping hot and ready to serve


Anthony Sargeant cooked this omelette a few nights ago for supper using a recipe adapted from Rick Stein’s useful book ‘Sea Food Lovers’ Guide’. Finished under a very hot grill this is a very simple dish to make. Naturally smoked haddock is poached in milk and then flaked when cool enough to handle removing any […]

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John Dory – a superb eating fish



Anthony Sargeant prefers to fillet all fish himself rather than ask the fishmonger to do it. With John Dory you do need to be careful of the spines but otherwise it is an easy fish to fillet without pinbones. These two lovely fillets were cut by Tony from a medium sized fish. John Dory is one of the very best fish to eat. It is a serendipitous catch – since the Dory does not swim in large shoals and is simply caught along with other fish.

Cornish Plaice from Brixham



Anthony J Sargeant bought this fresh Cornish Plaice in early October. Caught by a day-boat from Brixham so in the market within 24 hours. It is a marvellous and under-rated fish – delicate and distinctive in flavour and with a good texture. This large plump example shows Plaice at its very best. Highly recommended.