Prawns with Courgettes served with rice and Pak Choi



Looks good – tastes wonderful. Below is the recipe for the Prawns and Courgettes. Anthony Sargeant recommends this light stir fry dish but beware of overcooking the prawns – they will turn rubbery and only need a few minutes in the pan at the very end. The Pak Choi was simply chopped across the leaves with garlic and fresh ginger added with a little soya sauce. (A small yoghurt Raita would be nice on the side)







Smoked eel, baby octopus, and cold water prawns on a bed of green leaves with sliced radish and fresh Kentish cobnuts toasted in Rape seed oil



Perhaps the plate is a bit crowded but this collation put together by Anthony J Sargeant was absolutely delicious. The Kentish cobnuts were toasted in pan with a little cold-pressed Rape seed oil and were an important part of the dish giving texture and a beautifully sweet nutty flavour to the meal. The fresh Kentish cobnut season is very short but like all seasonal food is well worth sourcing. Highly recommended.