Supper of flaked Arbroath Smokie baked in a potato dauphinoise with courgette and pakchoi


supper of arbroath smokies potato dauphinoise with courgette and pakchoi

A delicious recipe from Rick Stein’s excellent book ‘Seafood Lovers’ Guide. For those who don’t know Arbroath Smokies are a delicacy from the East Coast of Scotland. They are small haddock which are traditionally hot-smoked in a kiln over hardwood chips – thus they are already cooked and ready to eat. In this recipe used by Anthony Sargeant the meat has been flaked from the bone and skin and incorporated in layers with potato dauphinoise to be baked in the oven. It is delicious comfort food. Here it is served with a few stir fried courgette and pakchoi pieces.


Haggis cooked and ready for slicing on Burn’s Night – 25th January 2017



Anthony J Sargeant bought this haggis from the wonderful Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire – here it is ready for slicing onto plates along with the traditional accompaniments of mashed swede and potato – This is a peasant dish.

Fishing Boat coming into the quay at Ullapool in Scotland



Making its way through the early morning mist cloaking the sea loch at Ullapool in Scotland this boat is returning with its catch. Photographed in 1976 by Anthony Sargeant while on an extended holiday along the West Coast of Scotland. It is a very traditional clinker built small fishing vessels of which there used to be thousands around the UK coast.

Wild Sea Trout from Scotland



Anthony Sargeant thinks that this is a wonderful fish. The season is quite short and the number caught each year is carefully regulated by the Environment Agency. Hence the numbered yellow Environment Agency tag. Tony bought this fish in Birmingham’s indoor Bullring Market a couple of weeks ago as you can see it is laid out ready for descaling and filleting. It is a relatively easy to fillet when fresh and has a more delicate flavour than wild salmon and many would argue it is a superior taste.