Forget-me-nots in Shropshire



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of Forget-me-nots bursting out from a crevice in the stone steps leading to the top part of his Shropshire garden. It is mid-April and the Forget-me-nots are flowering in profusion all over the garden where they have self seeded in their profligacy.


Flowers in the hedgerow around my Shropshire Home



The hedgerows are blossoming in the early spring in this part of England – lots of small jewel-like flowers peppering the banks under the hawthorn hedges that enclose the fields in this part of Shropshire. Anthony Sargeant is fortunate to live in such a gentle and calm countryside. The fields themselves are full of ewes and their young lambs still at the end of March suckling at their mothers teats as we enter April.

Shropshire in April – photograph by Anthony J Sargeant



After the snow first thing on the 16th April 2016 the skies soon cleared over Shropshire (UK) to yield a glorious spring day. This photograph was taken from the Shropshire home of Anthony Sargeant looking across Corvedale towards The Brown Clee Hill. One can understand Robert Browning’s yearning in his poem ‘Home thoughts from abroad’ on days like this “Oh to be in England now that April’s there”