Snow in Shropshire, England, 18th March 2018 – a view from the home of Anthony J Sargeant



Awoke to find a carpet of snow across the water meadows that surround the River Corve in Shropshire. This photograph was taken on the 18th March 2018 late in the day. Somewhat surprising to have snow at this time of year but then Anthony Sargeant remembers a freak snowstorm over August Bank Holiday – sometime in the 1960s?


Snowdrops in Shropshire



In a quiet Shropshire Churchyard the ancient tombstones are covered with Lichen and centuries of weathering has rendered the names undecipherable. Photographed by Anthony J Sargeant – it is 23rd February 2018, and although still in the grip of winter snowdrops, those wonderful harbingers of spring, are bursting through the turf that covers the graves of so many forgotten souls.

Winter Sunrise in Shropshire



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home. The English countryside can be especially beautiful on clear winter days when the bare branches of the deciduous trees give a translucency to the landscape. The water meadows around the River Corve had been flooded the previous day and in the night left sheets of frozen ice.

November Sunset from my Shropshire home


Anthony Sargeant photographed this sunset from his Shropshire home at 18.00 hrs on the 3rd November 2016 looking west across the sheep fields that surround the house. It was a quiet and clear night. The result of clear skies and a breeze from the north east was the first serious frost of the winter.

via November Sunset from my Shropshire home — TONY Anthony SARGEANT

Winter wonderland in Shropshire photographed by Anthony Sargeant



This photograph was taken from his Shropshire home last winter (January 2015) by Tony Sargeant. This year there has been hardly any snow in the Corvedale, one or two light scatterings, and very few serious frosts. Is this simple periodic fluctuations in the weather pattern or is a sign of global warming?

Wonderful sunset over Wenlock Edge in Shropshire



Tony Sargeant took this photograph yesterday evening (10th February 2016) : It was taken from his Shropshire home as the sun set over Wenlock Edge with an ancient Oak silhouetted against the clear sky predicting a crisp frosty night in the wonderful English countryside.

A wonderful winter’s day in Shropshire



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph on the 10th January 2015 from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home. It is a most beautiful landscape and we are privileged to live in the midst of it. On the horizon in the distance can be seen The Brown Clee hill. Even though it is almost midday the sun is low in the sky casting long shadows across the meadows and the trees stand out in silhouetted leafless form.